Moving to Magnolia TX: Is Magnolia Texas a Good Place to Live?

Is Magnolia TX a Good Place to Live?

Discover the allure of Magnolia, Texas, nestled in the heart of the Lone Star State. From the lush pine forests that blanket the landscape to the warm smiles that greet you on every corner, Magnolia offers a unique blend of rustic charm and modern convenience. Whether you're seeking a serene escape from Houston's hustle and bustle or aiming to carve your own path in a thriving business landscape, this hidden gem has something for everyone.

Thinking about moving to Magnolia? Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure. Here’s what you should know about living in Magnolia, Texas:

Top 8 Reasons To Move to Magnolia

While just a sampling of the many great things about Magnolia, here’s a summary of great reasons to move to Magnolia, TX: 

  • Low cost of living compared with both Texas and the USA as a whole 
  • Many opportunities to buy homes on acreage
  • Plenty of schooling options, including public ISD, charter, and private schools 
  • Unique outdoor sports like horseback riding and hunting in addition to popular activities like hiking and biking
  • Great local dining, from coffee options like Golden Hour to steakhouses to local BBQ and food trucks
  • Strong economic growth estimates on an annual basis 
  • Easy access to everything Greater Houston has to offer 
  • Just a few hours from other major metroplexes like San Antonio and Austin 

Cost of Living in Magnolia, Texas

One of the more practical factors to pay attention to when you’re looking at a new city is its overall cost of living and the unique factors that contribute to it. Magnolia, Texas, passes this test with flying colors, as it has a cost of living about 10% lower than the national average.

This is due especially to its relatively low housing costs compared with both the Texas average and the national average. Homes for sale in Magnolia typically have a median price in the high $300s, including an abundance of new construction homes for sale under $300,000 in neighborhoods like Magnolia Ridge, Glen Oaks, and Grand Pines. 

A 2-bedroom apartment in Magnolia could cost you as little as $1,380 per month, for example, and median rent throughout the city is even less than that at only about $1,122 per month. 

Other contributing factors to Magnolia’s low cost of living are utility costs and transportation costs. Gas usually hovers around $3.20 per gallon or even less, depending on where you go, and this can save commuters a lot of money.

Magnolia Job Market

The job market in Magnolia, Texas, is growing steadily, and the city has a relatively low unemployment rate of only about 2%. This is much lower than both the Texas unemployment rate (about 4%) as well as the US national rate (about 3.6%).

Magnolia’s population is also skyrocketing. Projections of at least 10% population growth per year in Magnolia over the next several years are promising for the economy. 

With all of this in mind, the Magnolia job market is poised for positive economic growth, and the jobs available in the city cover a wide variety of industries and experience levels.

Popular Industries in the Area

Medical opportunities abound in the Magnolia area with the presence of both large hospitals and outpatient facilities such as DaVita. Health services companies such as Cigna are also present and offer great career advancement opportunities. Countless manufacturers and distributors are active in the area, including City Electric Supply, Sherwin-Williams, and Trinity Industries. 

In The Woodlands, right down the road from Magnolia, oil and gas giants as well as cutting-edge tech companies have been present for decades, along with newcomers to the area such as ExxonMobil’s headquarters in Spring. Other employers in The Woodlands include hospitals, renewable energy, chemical manufacturing, and more.

Employers in Cypress also aren’t far away, with the city centers being about 20 miles apart. Healthcare and education are the biggest job sectors there.

In Conroe, just to the north, a massive construction industry thrives along with a relatively large number of banking and financial services opportunities. Due to Magnolia’s proximity to these and other parts of the Greater Houston metroplex, the city offers access to a great number of job opportunities. 

More information about finding a job in Magnolia:

Things To Do in Magnolia, Texas 

Magnolia TX Things to Do

Magnolia is also a perfect destination for those who want to stay active and get out on a regular basis. Here are some of the best ways Magnolia residents can make the most of their city and the surrounding areas. 

Outdoor Activities

Some of the best local attractions in the Magnolia area are outdoor spaces such as Jones State Forest. Located just off of 1488 near I45, Jones State Forest has hiking and biking trails as well as a couple of lakes and a great picnic spot. Pinebrook Farms offers horseback riding lessons for new and experienced riders alike. 

Another great outdoor option is the George Mitchell Nature Preserve located in The Woodlands just a few miles away. You can walk or bike for miles on multiple trails with signposts to guide you along the way.

Several parks are also in the Magnolia area, including Sullivan Park and Unity Park, which is also home to what is known as The Magnolia Stroll, a shaded pathway about half a mile long that has plenty of interesting stops and rest areas along the way. It’s a great way to get to know the community and get some fresh air. 

Local Attractions

Lone Pint Brewery, located off of Commerce St., has been serving their local Texas ales since 2012, and it’s also powered by renewable energy.

For avid readers, Malcolm Purvis Library on Melton Street is a great place to take a break from a busy day and sit down for a few minutes.

Another great local establishment, Sweet Magnolia Pickins, is a local farmer’s market in Magnolia that has been running since 2009. It’s a great spot to see the community and buy anything from jewelry and gifts to local coffee and fresh food products from nearby farms.

Restaurants & Nightlife 

Some of the best food in the country can be found in the Houston area, and Magnolia, TX, is no exception. Tressie’s Southern Kitchen is a great place to start, located in historic downtown Magnolia and serving top-notch homestyle classics. Their menu includes brunch options such as breakfast tacos and eggs benedict, and their main menu is classic (burgers and patty melts) but with some Cajun influence (fried boudin po’boy, red beans and dirty rice, and blackened salmon). 

Other great food in the area includes food truck lots like Deacon Baldy’s on 1488 as well as the restaurants that dot the nearby Woodlands Waterway (from gourmet pizza to Tex-Mex). Market Street in The Woodlands is a great spot for spending time with friends whether you’re looking for a movie, shopping, or a bench to sit and talk. 

Magnolia Climate 

Typical Weather in Magnolia TX

As in the rest of the Greater Houston area, Magnolia has summer highs in the upper 90s and lower 100s and winter lows usually in the 30s Fahrenheit. The humidity levels are high throughout the year, though late spring through early fall sees the highest levels overall. 

In terms of clear or cloudy skies, Magnolia has a fairly average number of sunny days annually, but it also gets more precipitation than the national average with about 49 inches of rainfall per year. With this on-and-off precipitation regardless of the season, Magnolia landscapes are well-watered and the city and surrounding area are covered in forests. There are also large areas of open land, including both farmland and undeveloped land.

It’s rare that Magnolia sees any snowfall, though a small amount of very temporary snowfall may occur once every several years, as in the rest of the Greater Houston area.

Getting Around in Magnolia, Texas

Magnolia is relatively rural, so you may find that your commute is longer than average. The majority of commuters take their own car to work, so you may see congestion on roads leading to the major employment centers nearby. For example, FM 1488, the main east-west road leading east toward I-45 and The Woodlands, can get congested during rush hour.

In addition, State Highway 249, the major "spoke" leading southeast into Houston, has several tolling options, so it's worth looking into getting a Texas toll tag if you don't have one already.

While there isn't much call for public transit services around Magnolia, there are options for using public transit to get to downtown Houston. The Sterling Ridge Park & Ride, roughly 17 miles from the center of Magnolia, is part of The Woodlands Express service with transportation to downtown Houston, and Houston's METRO Transit has Park & Ride stops in Conroe, and several other locations. While still a bit of a drive, it certainly cuts down on the wear and tear on your vehicle compared to driving the full 45-ish miles to Houston.

Schools in Magnolia, Texas

Living in Magnolia TX: School Districts

Magnolia ISD is home to eight elementary, two intermediate, two junior high, and two high schools for those looking to utilize the public school system. Alpha Academy is a third high school within the ISD with alternative learning options.

There are also charter schools in the area, including Founders Classical Academy in Conroe and the School of Science and Technology in The Woodlands. Private school options in Magnolia include The Unabridged Scholars Academy, Magnolia Classical Academy, and Legacy Preparatory Christian Academy.

The two nearest colleges and universities are the two-year Lone Star College in The Woodlands and the four-year Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View.

Ready to Move to Magnolia?

From its vibrant landscapes and growing community to its promising real estate opportunities, Magnolia evokes the dream of a simpler yet more fulfilling life. This hidden gem invites you to become part of its story, where each day is an opportunity to savor life in the Houston metro.

If you're considering a move to Magnolia, Texas, take the leap and let this charming town envelop you in its warmth and charm. Magnolia awaits, offering you not just a new address but a fresh start on the path to a bright future.

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