Moving to Tyler Texas: A Complete Guide to Settling in the Rose City

Is Tyler TX a Good Place to Live?

If you’re on the brink of moving to Tyler, Texas, you might be weighing the pros and cons. Nestled in East Texas, Tyler attracts new residents with affordable housing, a dynamic job market, and a reputation for warm hospitality. This guide aims to provide you with an insightful look at life in Tyler, ranging from its economic advantages to the rich tapestry of community and culture, ensuring you make an informed decision about your relocation.

Quick Highlights

  • Tyler, Texas, offers an affordable cost of living with housing costs below the national average, a diverse job market, and a friendly community atmosphere.
  • Residents of Tyler have access to a variety of neighborhoods tailored to different lifestyles and budgets, strong educational systems, including public, private, and higher education institutions, and a robust job market with major employers across multiple sectors.
  • The city provides a plethora of recreational activities with parks like Tyler State Park and the Rose Rudman Recreational Trail, boasts a vibrant food scene from food trucks to upscale dining, and values arts and culture with museums, theaters, and community events.

Why Choose Tyler, Texas?

8 Reasons Tyler is a Good Place to Live:

  • The city boasts a cost of living that's 4%–10% lower than the national average
  • Housing costs are around 8% lower than the national average
  • Vibrant job market
  • Welcoming community atmosphere
  • Sites and attractions that made Tyler the "Rose Capital of America"
  • Options for higher education, including the University of Texas at Tyler
  • Top-notch healthcare facilities, including UT Health Tyler
  • Mild climate with warm summers and mild winters

With these factors, Tyler continues to attract newcomers from across the nation.

It’s not just a place to live in the big city but a place to grow and thrive.

Affordable Cost of Living

Although Tyler’s cost of living may be slightly above the state average, it provides substantial savings when compared to the national average. This affordability extends to:

  • Housing, with diverse options and a median home price in the high $300s; homes for sale in Tyler start as affordably as the $100s
  • Groceries, which cost about 3%–4% less than the national average
  • Healthcare, which is a touch more affordable than average

This makes Tyler an ideal location for those seeking a low cost of living in Texas.

Job Opportunities

The job market in Tyler offers a range of opportunities across various industries. Some of the major employers in the city include:

  • UT Health East Texas
  • Sanderson Farms
  • CHRISTUS Mother Francis Hospital
  • Delek Refining
  • John Soules Food
  • Kent Water Sports
  • Trane Technologies
  • Tyler Pipe Company

These companies operate in sectors such as agribusiness, energy, health services, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics. With a diversified and robust economy, Tyler provides a thriving job market for new residents.

More information about finding a job in Tyler:

Friendly Community

However, residing in Tyler transcends the practicalities of affordability and job opportunities. It encompasses becoming a part of a friendly, welcoming community that eases the transition. From social gatherings like block parties and church events to annual community events, there are plenty of opportunities to meet people and build friendships.

For those seeking a sense of community in Smith County, a Tyler home could be the perfect choice.

Exploring the Neighborhoods of Tyler

Artistic Interpretation of Neighborhoods in Tyler TX

Tyler caters to every taste and lifestyle with a wide variety of neighborhoods. From gated communities to lake-front sites and condos, Tyler provides a wide array of residential options. Each neighborhood boasts its own unique amenities, such as community pools, golf courses, and waterfront access, catering to various lifestyles and budgets.

South Side

Some of Tyler's best neighborhoods, like Hollytree and Cambridge Bend, find their home in Tyler’s south side. These neighborhoods offer a range of housing options, including gated communities, catering to a diverse range of lifestyles and budgets.

North Side

The North Side of Tyler is an ideal choice for those longing for a suburban lifestyle complemented by city amenities. Areas like Cypress Ridge offer a perfect blend of suburban tranquility and city convenience, thanks to its proximity to Interstate 20 and other key locations.

North Side neighborhoods provide a peaceful retreat without sacrificing accessibility, making it an appealing choice for many.

Downtown Tyler

Conversely, Downtown Tyler serves as a living testimony to the city’s rich history. Its brick streets are home to historic landmarks, local eateries, and cafes, providing residents and visitors with a range of dining options. The nightlife in Downtown Tyler includes a selection of bars and pubs, perfect for socializing and entertainment.

Beyond dining and entertainment, Downtown Tyler also serves as a shopping hub, with multiple boutiques and local stores.

Lakefront Communities

Dreaming of living the lake life in East Texas? There are plenty of opportunities for Texas lake houses near Tyler. A few popular lakes to live on near Tyler include:

  • Lake Palestine, including communities like Emerald Bay, Eagle's Bluff, and Chandler
  • Lake Tyler, including communities like The Reserve at Lake Tyler
  • Lake Tyler East
  • Lake Jacksonville
  • Hide-A-Way Lake, completely surrounded by waterfront homes in Hideaway community

Education and Schools in Tyler

Educational Opportunities in Tyler TX

Like any community, education forms the cornerstone in Tyler as well. The city boasts a strong education system, with Niche giving Tyler ISD an A- rating. The Tyler area encompasses multiple school districts, including Chapel Hill Independent School District and Tyler Independent School District, to meet its residents’ educational needs.

Beyond public schools, Tyler also offers diverse private schooling options, as well as higher education institutions like Tyler Junior College and the University of Texas at Tyler.

Public Schools

Tyler’s public schools enjoy high regard for their academic performance. Tyler Independent School District has a student-teacher ratio of 17:1, and over 80% of teachers have more than two years of experience. Tyler ISD includes several magnet schools and an early college high school.

Private Institutions

Tyler provides several private educational opportunities for those in pursuit of alternative educational paths. These schools offer a range of options, including alternative and religious-based education.

For instance, Christian Heritage School provides education from kindergarten through 12th grade, emphasizing a personalized approach with a student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1. The Grace Community School is one of the largest private schools in Tyler and teaches grades PK–12.

Higher Education

Furthermore, Tyler hosts several colleges and universities, providing a range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The most prominent is UT Tyler, a public 4-year university with 6,700+ undergraduate students. The presence of the University of Texas at Tyler adds to the city’s dynamic as a college town.

The city’s economic growth, similar to other major cities, is supported by the presence of these institutions, contributing to a strong talent pipeline.

Outdoor Activities and Parks in Tyler

Tyler extends beyond work and education, revealing a city that's ripe with fun things to do. With attractions like Tyler State Park and the Rose Rudman Recreational Trail, Tyler showcases its natural beauty and commitment to green spaces.

Faulkner Park offers a diverse range of outdoor amenities, from picnic areas and sports facilities to nature trails and a skate park, promoting active and recreational lifestyles.

Tyler State Park

A true gem, Tyler State Park features a 64-acre spring-fed lake ensconced by towering trees. The park caters to a multitude of recreational interests, with facilities for boating, fishing, swimming, and camping.

Visitors also have the chance to explore over 13 miles of trails, enhancing their knowledge of nature, and delight in bird watching and geocaching.

Rose Rudman Recreational Trail

The Rose Rudman Recreational Trail provides another great outdoor option, offering a concrete path that’s perfect for jogging, walking, biking, and rollerblading. Along the trail, visitors can enjoy shaded picnic areas, children’s playgrounds at the connected Tyler’s Southside Park, and fitness stations, making it a family-friendly option for outdoor exercise and leisure.

Faulkner Park Nature Trail

The Faulkner Park Nature Trail offers a unique outdoor experience. This popular spot is perfect for:

  • walking and jogging, providing a serene environment for daily exercise enthusiasts
  • cycling enthusiasts can enjoy the Thunderstruck jump line
  • adventure-seekers can partake in an orienteering course within Faulkner Park.

The trail’s natural and undisturbed setting also makes it a great place for local wildlife observation.

Tyler's Food Scene: From Food Trucks to Fine Dining

In addition to its natural attractions, Tyler prides itself on a vibrant food scene. From food trucks serving an array of cuisines to fine dining options, Tyler satisfies every palate. Whether you’re a foodie seeking new culinary experiences or simply looking for a quick bite, Tyler’s food scene has something to offer.

Food Trucks

There Are Lots of Food Trucks in Tyler TX

Food trucks are a staple of Tyler’s food scene, with over 100 mobile food units offering a multitude of cuisines. Notable food trucks include:

  • Catch Me If You Can, featuring homemade Cajun cuisine
  • Ruby’s Mexican Restaurant Truck
  • Gino’s Tacos, billed as the best tacos in Texas
  • Rollin Stone Craft Burgers

These food truck vehicles have become a popular dining choice among residents and visitors, enhancing the city’s food culture.

Comfort Food

Tyler leaves no room for disappointment for those yearning for comfort food. The city is a haven for homestyle comfort food lovers, with establishments like Cotton Patch Cafe serving classic dishes like fried green tomatoes, freshly prepared chicken tenders, and chicken fried steak. Food trucks in Tyler also add to the comfort food scene with tasty options like gourmet baked potatoes and an array of international cuisines.

Upscale Restaurants

Tyler is abundant in options for those seeking a more upscale dining experience. From Dakotas steak and seafood, known for its romantic atmosphere and varied dishes, to Villa Montez, offering a warm environment and a menu influenced by Latin cuisine, Tyler’s upscale restaurants cater to every taste.

Bernard's Mediterranean Restaurant, praised for its French, Spanish, and Italian-influenced dishes, provides a fine dining experience that emphasizes fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Navigating Transportation in Tyler

Owing to the city’s well-planned transportation system, navigating Tyler is relatively uncomplicated. However, similar to most suburban areas of Texas, residents primarily rely on personal vehicles for transportation, indicating a high level of car dependency. Tyler Transit provides public transportation services. While traffic congestion can be a concern, there are ongoing projects to help alleviate the issue.

Tyler Transit

Bus fare in Tyler is $1 for riders 12 and over, $0.50 for ages 6–11, and free for children 5 and under. The half fare also applies for riders on Medicare, riders 65+, and riders with disabilities. Passes can be purchased at the Tyler Transit office and include all-day passes, 7-day passes, 30-day passes, and student semester passes; students can also access the discounted half-fare pass options.

Tyler Transit also operates curb-to-curb shared-ride paratransit services within the city of Tyler Monday–Saturday through the use of the Tyler Paratransit App.

In addition to Tyler Transit, there are cabs, the Greyhound intercity bus, the Amtrak commuter rail, and the GoBus system, which operates between 14 counties in East Texas for $2 per trip.

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment in Tyler

Tyler extends beyond being a city of roses and brick streets; it’s a city rich in culture. With a thriving music scene, a variety of museums and theaters, and several local events, Tyler offers a vibrant cultural scene that caters to all tastes.


The museums in Tyler provide a deep cultural immersion. The Cotton Belt Depot Museum, for instance, celebrates the history of the ‘Cotton Belt’ railroad with a range of artifacts and memorabilia.

The Tyler Museum of Art, on the other hand, offers diverse visual arts experiences and hosts a variety of events like guided tours and family days.


Community Theatres are Popular in Tyler TX

The city’s theaters host a variety of performances, including:

  • Independent plays
  • Mainstream productions
  • East Texas Symphony Orchestra performances
  • Annual productions of The Nutcracker by the local ballet company

Venues like Liberty Hall and Cowan Center provide spaces for artistic expression and cultural engagement.

Local Events

The vibrant arts scene in Tyler, located in the heart of the Lone Star State, also draws contributions from local events in Tyler TX. The city has been designated as a Music Friendly Texas Certified Community, underscoring its commitment to fostering the music industry and cultural development.

Events like the Texas Rose Festival, featuring activities such as a parade and the coronation of the Rose Queen, add to the cultural vibrancy of the Rose City.

Tips for a Smooth Move to Tyler

A seamless transition to Tyler demands more than mere bag-packing. From setting up utilities to accessing community resources, there are several steps to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Utilities and Services

When relocating to Tyler, establishing utilities and services is a crucial step. Here are some options for different utilities:

  • Electricity: residents have a choice of companies, including TXU Energy and Cirro Energy.
  • Gas: Center Point Energy is the main gas utility provider.
  • Water: the City of Tyler and Southern Utilities Co. provide water services.

For internet, Spectrum is a popular choice, offering a range of speeds and packages.

Community Resources

Utilizing community resources can also facilitate a smoother transition to life in Tyler. The city hosts the Educational Opportunity Center, which assists individuals in accessing higher education.

Tyler’s Neighborhood Services Department also encourages community engagement, providing residents with the opportunity to participate in surveys influencing the distribution of federal grants.

Ready to Find Your New Home in Tyler?

Tyler is more than just a city; it’s a community. With a low cost of living, a thriving job market, and a vibrant cultural scene, Tyler offers a quality of life that is hard to match. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a foodie, a student, or someone looking to retire in Tyler, Tyler is a great place to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

How affordable is living in Tyler, Texas?

Living in Tyler, Texas is affordable, with a cost of living 4% lower than the national average, including housing costs that are 8% lower.

What job opportunities are available in Tyler?

Job opportunities in Tyler include sectors such as agribusiness, energy, health services, manufacturing, and transportation and logistics, providing a diverse job market.

What are the education options in Tyler?

In Tyler, you have various education options, including private schooling and higher education institutions like Tyler Junior College and the University of Texas at Tyler in addition to traditional public schools. Choose the option that best fits your educational goals.

What outdoor activities and parks are available in Tyler?

Tyler offers a variety of outdoor venues, such as Tyler State Park, Rose Rudman Recreational Trail, and Faulkner Park Nature Trail for outdoor activities and parks.

What is the food scene like in Tyler?

Tyler's food scene is vibrant and diverse, offering everything from food trucks to fine dining options.

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