Home Decor Color Trends: Why All White is No Longer Trendy

Should You Paint Your Walls White?Whether you are preparing to sell your house or recently moved into your new home, you likely have paint colors on your mind. 

For the past several years, white has been the go-to trend for home paint choices. Sellers would paint almost every room white to present an open, non-distracting space with the idea that buyers would paint over the walls with colors of their choice. However, many buyers kept the white walls, and they became a neutral option that made rooms seem brighter. 

However, white isn’t necessarily popular anymore—and that’s good news for any homeowner looking to add a little color to their living spaces. If you're preparing to sell your home, keep reading to learn more about current color trends and how to choose colors that wow your friends and enhance the value of your home.

White is Out; Green is In 

Both interior designers and top real estate agents noticed a decline in the popularity of white and gray walls over the past few years; however, recent surveys show that these two colors are officially out of style.

According to a report by 1stDibs and shared by Better Homes and Gardens, only 5% of people said gray would be a popular color this year, while 14% said white. Conversely, 23% of voters thought emerald would be a popular color, and 22% said sage is in style.

In the next few years, homeowners should see design trends move away from highly neutral whites and grays and instead head toward more earthy colors. Emerald and sage are two vastly different greens and a spectrum of shades and hues that accompany them. Some homeowners might make bold statements with rich emerald jewel tones, while others might opt for a more peaceful sage palette.  

Other popular paint colors include earthy terra cottas, reds, and even magenta. You can also find a variety of blues that are in style.   

White Proved to Be Too Much Work

White became a popular trend as people digitally shared their neutral home designs. Bright natural light and white walls, carpets, and cabinets made rooms look much bigger—increasing the home’s perceived value—while the neutral colors created a peaceful look. 

Unfortunately, the reality of living in an all-white house proved impractical for many homeowners. It’s difficult to hide dirt, dust, and pet hair on white floors. They can quickly look dirty or dingy if you aren’t careful. White linoleum can stain easily, while white carpet fades. This means white floors also require a lot of upkeep or quickly get worn out. Similarly, it’s hard to hide scratches and stains on white walls, and white kitchen cabinets will highlight any sauces or grease drops that land on them. 

Even people who regularly clean their homes had a hard time keeping up with the white aesthetic. In the coming years, home design trends might move toward more forgiving options—like rich wood floors or darker marble countertops. 

White Walls Were a Staple of Home Flippers

One of the reasons white became such a popular trend was because it was an easy selection for home flippers. Someone who bought an investment property, repaired it, and resold it for a profit could make the space seem new by repainting the walls—especially if the home previously had dated wallpaper or paint colors. 

Similarly, real estate agents often encourage sellers to paint their homes neutral colors to prevent distractions during showings. Potential buyers would walk into a room and picture their furniture in the space regardless of the wall color. White walls also speed up the painting process because they don’t require a layer of primer.

As a result, when people looked at homes across apps like Zillow, they saw dozens of houses with white walls. This reinforced the idea that white was popular because so many homeowners used it. Now that people are moving away from white, sellers and investors might opt for light pastel colors that are still neutral and easy to paint over—but aren’t as bland as standard white walls. 

Homeowners Can Still Make White Trendy

One of the best parts of home decor is that you can take almost any color (regardless of whether it is considered trendy) and paint it on your walls. The only thing that matters is that you love what it looks like. You can also still paint your walls white if you are a home seller who wants to create a more neutral space. 

First, test different hues to see which white looks best in your home. People are moving away from cool whites that can make their spaces look harsh and sterile and instead are opting for warmer whites and creams. The right white can make a space feel warm and inviting despite being a neutral tone. 

You can also play with texture to give your white walls more life. Plaster, white wallpaper patterns, moldings, and even the type of paint you use can all change how your walls look. You can still elevate a room with white paint and let your furniture and accessories complete your color palette.  

Choose Paint Colors You Love

One of the best and worst things about trends is that they constantly change. If you always try to keep up with what’s “in” then you will have to remodel your home again almost every year. However, a trend that is out of style now may become popular in a few years.

Focus on designing a space that you absolutely love. Use modern trends for inspiration, but know you can break the rules to create a house that reflects your personality. Whether you paint your walls white or magenta, you can decide whether you’re a trend follower or a trendsetter. 

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